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Misconceptions About Long Term Care Insurance

Misconceptions about Long Term Care Insurance

Unless you can afford to pay out of pocket, finding ways to cover long term care expenses makes good financial sense. With limited assistance available from the government, long term…

What You Need To Know About Sundown Syndrome

What You Need to Know About Sundown Syndrome

Do you notice that your aging father aimlessly wanders the house after dinner time? Or maybe mom’s normally reserved demeanor gets more combative after she watches her afternoon episode of Jeopardy?
Overcoming The Holiday Blues

Overcoming the Holiday Blues

With celebrations and cheer all around, it’s hard to imagine how the holidays could be anything but joyous and festive. Yet for many people, this time of year can trigger…

5 Ideas For Celebrating Grandparents’ Day

5 Ideas for Celebrating Grandparents’ Day

The downtimes in life tend to be few and far between. What little available time we have is quickly filled with errands and other creeping responsibilities. It is unintended, but…

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