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5 Common Myths about Home Care

Partnering with a home care service is a big decision—one that should be carefully made. However, once families do enlist the help of a home care provider, they often find that a burden has been lifted from their shoulders and they have peace of mind knowing their loved one is in good hands.

Unfortunately, many people dismiss the idea of home care services altogether because they have misconceptions about what to expect.

Is this you, too? If so, take a look below at these five common myths about home care services.

Myth 1: Home care is only for those who need 4 hours of care or more a day

Home care services generally offer flexible care plans to meet the needs of you and your loved one—even if that means you need a caregiver for just a few short hours a week. Home Care by ALTRES Medical provides care plans for any length of time—whether it’s three hours a week or 24-hours a day for the entire year.

Myth 2: The quality of care provided at home is inferior to institutionalized care

Not only does a home care provider give your senior focused, one-on-one care (something you don’t receive in a care home), but your loved one can remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Look for caregivers that are fully screened and highly qualified and possess all necessary licensing and certifications.

Myth 3: Home care is only for very ill seniors

Home care can be used for a variety of situations…including an aging loved one, someone recovering from an illness, a disabled family member, or to offer respite to the primary family caregiver. Whether you need someone to ensure medication intake, help out around the house, or just keep your loved one company, home care services are something to consider.

Myth 4: Home care workers are not fully screened

It’s true that some home care agencies have experienced issues with untrustworthy caregivers. This can be avoided by asking a home care service how they screen their applicants. Caregivers should be required to pass a background check and drug screening.

Myth 5: I have no say about who the caregiver will be

It’s very important to make a good match between a senior and the caregiver—and you absolutely have a say about who your caregiver will be. Your home care provider should take into consideration the preferences, interests, and personality of your loved one and work to match you with a caregiver that will best fit with your family’s needs.

Contact Home Care by ALTRES Medical to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation and assessment at (808) 591-4930.

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