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5 Ideas for Celebrating Grandparents’ Day

The downtimes in life tend to be few and far between. What little available time we have is quickly filled with errands and other creeping responsibilities. It is unintended, but we often find ourselves too busy to get together with the ones we love most.

Making an extra effort to spend time together with grandparents can provide a multitude of benefits. Besides creating strong family bonds and memories, spending time together promotes the health and well-being of the entire family. With National Grandparent’s Day just around the corner, take some time to plan the ways you and your family can celebrate the kupunas in your life.

Here are just a few activities that you and your loved ones can share together.

Cook a family recipe.

Whether it’s your aunt’s shortbread cookies or your famous chili recipe, cooking an heirloom recipe is a great way for your kids to learn a basic life skill as well as learn more about their heritage.

Share stories. 

Set up a time for your loved one to share their story with you and your children. Have them answer any questions about their early life, schooling, career, or day to day living. What differences are there between generations? You might be surprised at the interesting stories they have to share.

Make a memory box.

Find treasured items from everyone’s pastime to put together in a keepsake box to be opened in the future. Consider adding items like a photo album, artwork from your children, a treasured family recipe, postcards, or letters. The point is to add items that future family generations can enjoy. Be sure to include only items that are non-perishable and replaceable.

Learn a hobby. 

When was the last time your family learned something new together? Your parents have a wealth of knowledge that can be passed down to both you and your children. The cooking, knitting, or gardening skills they love can become a new and useful skill for the entire family.

Plan a lunch date. 

In the hot summer months it’s important to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. Plan a fun lunch date out on the town – many sweet memories can be made over a bowl of ice cream or a cup of shaved ice.

Encourage your family to find activities that everyone can enjoy year-round. Whichever activities you choose, spending time together can enrich your child’s life and promote good physical and mental health for your aging loved ones.

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