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5 Qualities Every Caregiver Needs

Making a caregiver part of your ohana’s senior care plan is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. A caregiver not only needs the right background and experience but also a heart for the elderly and the ability to get along well with your loved one. Here are 5 qualities that you should look for, and expect, in your caregiver.

    1. Dependability
      A dependable caregiver is absolutely necessary. Someone who is dependable will be there on-time and provide the highest level of care, every time. It’s important that you feel that your caregiver will do whatever it takes to protect and provide for your senior.


    1. Patience
      Caring for an elderly person isn’t generally a fast-paced, exciting job. That means that a caregiver should know how to be patient and go at slower pace. You need someone who is content to just spend time just sitting next to your senior.


    1. Attentiveness
      A caregiver must be able to pay attention to small differences in how a senior is acting or feeling. Someone who is attentive to their senior’s needs will notice when they have a rise in body temperature or change in appetite, for example.


    1. Compassionate
      A caregiver should have a kind heart and a genuine concern for the person they are caring for. A compassionate individual really cares about helping and showing kindness to others.


    1. Professionalism
      The person who always seems to be having “the worst day ever!” or something crazy going on in their life is not the ideal person to be caring for your senior. A caregiver should never bring their problems into the home where they are working. Acting professionally at all times is imperative.


The good news is, there are caregivers that meet all these requirements. Here at ALTRES Medical, we take all these qualities and more into consideration when hiring a caregiver. We screen and select only the top individuals for our team. We also get to know you and your loved one and the environment the caregiver will be working in order to make the best possible match.

To learn more about our home care services, please call us at 591-4930.

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