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Choosing Homecare

8 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Home Care Provider

Selecting a home care provider can feel daunting, and rightly so! Bringing someone into your home requires a certain level of trust and confidence, and while there are plenty of skilled providers out there, not all of them are up to par.

Taking the time to learn more about a provider’s services and reputation will help you make the best decision for you and your family. After you’ve created a list of potential home care agencies, schedule time to meet with each one to discuss their qualifications. During these “interviews,” be sure to ask the following eight questions to ensure that you select the best care available.

  1. What is the background of the company? What qualifications and certifications does it have?
  2. How does the provider select, qualify, and train its caregivers? Are background checks conducted?
  3. Does the provider maintain appropriate insurance policies, including workers’ compensation, general liability, and professional liability?
  4. Does the provider include and work together with the client and his/her family members in developing the care plan?
  5. Does the provider assign a care manager to oversee the quality of care your loved one will be receiving? How often does this person make visits to the home?
  6. What procedures does the provider have in place to handle emergencies?
  7. Is the same caregiver scheduled for every shift?
  8. What makes the provider different from others?

Making a fully informed, educated decision will help decrease fraud and increase the overall quality of care your loved one receives. Asking these questions is a great step towards finding the perfect home care provider for your family.

If you are interested in Home Care by ALTRES Medical, we invite you to give us a call or contact us and schedule a free consultation. We would be happy to answer all these questions and more to help you make the best decision for your ohana.

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