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Balancing Career and Caregiving

For many working caregivers, life can feel like a tiresome game of tug-of-war. When the needs and demands of your career and family life begin to pull you one way, the duties and obligations of caring for your ill or aging loved one pull you the other way. Eventually, something has to give and more often than not caregivers jeopardize their health and well-being as they try to juggle it all. By establishing balance in your life, you won’t have to choose between your career or caregiving. Here are some tips to help:

Stay organized

Schedule everything that you need to do for every aspect of your career, caregiving, and family life. Write down tasks and events when mapping out your days and then prioritize the tasks that need your immediate attention. By taking care of the most stressful to-dos first, you can minimize the amount of time you will spend worrying about completing them.

Know your company policies

Many organizations offer their employees resources to help them cope with stressors and responsibilities at home and at work. For instance, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps employees resolve problems and provides counseling support. Under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), you may also be eligible to receive up to 12 weeks of unpaid job-protected leave per year to attend to family responsibilities. Every company is different. Talk to your HR representative to see what options are available.

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Set up boundaries

Taking care of yourself is important. If you feel like you don’t have a minute to yourself—make time. If you aren’t keeping yourself in top shape, it will make balancing everything much harder. Important ways to care for yourself include eating healthy, exercising, getting adequate amounts of sleep, and even taking vacations.

Consider respite

Respite care is designed specifically to give primary caregivers some much needed time off while someone they trust looks after their loved one. Friends and family can provide respite care or you can enlist the help of a reputable home care company, like Home Care by ALTRES Medical. Respite care can be used intermittently or included as a regular part of your caregiving routine.

Ask for help

No shame! Relieve the weight of taking on multiple roles by reaching out to family, friends, and professionals for help as necessary.

Facing challenges as you balance career and caregiving can be overwhelming. If you need a break or additional support, learn more about how Home Care by ALTRES Medical can help and call us at (808) 591-4930.

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