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Halloween Safety Tips for Seniors

Halloween is a fun holiday full of candy, costumes, and festive parties. But it can be a stressful time for your aging loved one. More than any other time of year, this evening brings the largest amount of unknown visitors to your ohana’s residence.

Consider these tips before the festivities begin to ensure your loved ones are safe and comfortable this Halloween.

Avoid the roads.

A general rule is to avoid excessive driving on Halloween night. With a large number of children and their families crowding the streets and going door to door for candy, there is a much bigger risk of pedestrian accidents. If possible, do all errands and visits before the evening begins. Popular trick-or-treat hours are from 5:30pm to 9:30pm, so plan to be off the roads during this time.

Turn on all lights.

Keep both the interior and exterior of the home well-lit so all potential guests and objects can be seen with ease. This prevents unnecessary stumbling in the dark as well as a serves as a deterrent for vandals or others who may pose a threat. If your loved one wishes to not meet visitors at the door, consider leaving a bowl of candy on a chair outside.  Some families choose to turn off the porch lights when they are no longer giving out treats; if possible try to keep the lights on and consider creating a sign that states your house is out of candy.

Remove hazards.

Candles and pumpkins are beautiful decorations to add to the stairs or porch, but consider moving items that could pose a tripping hazard to higher levels. If your family chooses to light candles as additional decoration, make sure that it is not placed where it can easily be blown over by the wind or knocked over.

Recruit a team.

If your loved one is worried about handling Halloween alone, suggest a few family members, friends, or neighbors drop by to help provide company throughout the evening. Bringing over some food and companionship can put your family at ease and can help lessen the stress of Halloween.

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