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New Year’s Resolutions That Every Family Caregiver Should Make

Whether you are new to being a family caregiver or if you’ve been filling the role for years, the New Year can be an exciting new start for everyone. Help give your kupuna the very best in 2018 with the following New Year’s resolutions.

Get organized.

Planning for the New Year should be on everybody’s to-do list and caregivers are no exception. Stay on top of finances, care plans, and schedules. And if you haven’t started already, create a calendar of important events or appointments that your senior will need to make during the year. Mapping the days out will ensure you don’t miss anything and will reduce the stress of trying to memorize them all.

Pencil in more quality time together.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of the season but it’s important to make a commitment to those who matter most to you. Plan uninterrupted time to do activities your family loves—whether it’s cooking, watching movies, or fishing. The point is to do something that everyone enjoys. Always strive to complete tasks, errands, and chores before or after your time together so that you can give your loved ones your undivided attention.

Ask for help. 

If you are feeling burnt out from being the family caregiver, it may be a sign that you need to ask for help. Taking on the role of family caregiver is honorable, but don’t feel like you have to go it alone. Family members, friends, and neighbors are usually willing to pitch in if they know they can help make a difference. Partnering with a home care company has become another increasingly popular option and it’s more affordable than many realize. By enlisting the help of a caregiver, daily tasks such as escorting your loved one to appointments, housekeeping, and meal preparation are taken care for you.

From the Home Care by ALTRES Medical team, may your New Year be one of fruitful resolutions and continued health and happiness.

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