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Ohana Caregivers: Give Yourself a Break with Respite Care

Caring for a kupuna, disabled, or recovering ill family member is a challenging and often overwhelming task. As the ohana caregiver, you may be inclined to think you can and should be able to do it all on your own. However, sharing the responsibility with others is actually beneficial for both you and your loved one. This act of sharing the responsibility of caring for your loved one is known as respite care.

What is respite care?

Respite care is temporary relief from the demanding duties of caring for a loved one who needs constant, monitored care. Respite can be scheduled for as long or as often as you need and is designed to give you time to recharge your batteries while someone you trust looks after your loved one.

Who needs respite care services?

Anyone who serves as an ohana caregiver should consider respite services. Though it can be difficult to know how or when to take a break, scheduling respite does not make you a bad family member/friend nor does it mean you’ve failed in your role as caregiver. Seeking help ensures that you can continue to provide your loved one with the best care possible in the comfort of their own home. Remember that you must first take care of yourself in order to take care of someone else.

What are the benefits of respite care?

Being an ohana caregiver is physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing. Taking regular breaks from caregiving allows you to keep your personal life in balance and prevents stress and exhaustion from burning you out. Plus, regularly scheduled respite care can be a good change of pace for your loved one and help him or her adjust to other caregivers should something unexpected prevent you from providing care .

I’m an ohana caregiver. How do I get respite care?

While friends and family members can help to provide respite, it’s a difficult responsibility to share long-term. Therefore, many ohana caregivers turn to a home care service provider like Home Care by ALTRES Medical.  Whether you need a three hour break every day or 24 hours off once a week, we can help you get the rest and time off that you deserve.

As an ohana caregiver, we know that it can be hard for you to truly take a break from caregiving. Your loved one’s care and safety will always be top of mind, even on during your “time off”. Respite ensures your loved one is in the hands of a trusted, reliable, qualified care provider and in the comfort of their own home.

To see if respite would be beneficial for your family, please give Home Care by ALTRES Medical a call at (808) 591-4930.

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