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Overcoming the Holiday Blues

With celebrations and cheer all around, it’s hard to imagine how the holidays could be anything but joyous and festive.

Yet for many people, this time of year can trigger a case of the holiday blues—temporary feelings of sadness, loneliness, or anxiety. Feeling blue is completely normal, though there are a few easy ways you can boost your mood during the holidays.

Be selective

Increased outings can cause unnecessary stress. Be selective about the events you attend, so that you can enjoy each holiday gathering to its fullest.

Manage expectations

Alleviate the pressure of the holidays by finding ways to celebrate without burning yourself out. For example, prepare a special dish instead of undertaking the entire holiday meal.

Create new memories

Balance old memories by creating new ones. Starting a new holiday tradition is a great way to positively build up anticipation for the season.

Find good company

Pick up the phone and call a family member. Visit with an old friend. Invite your neighbor over for lunch. Sometimes just being in good company is enough to improve your mood.

Schedule down time

For every activity you plan, pencil in some down time. Looking after your health will keep you feeling refreshed and energetic all season long.

Companionship is not only a great way to help your loved one fend off the holiday blues, but it could be something to integrate into your loved one’s caregiving routine—especially if they live alone at home.

Here at Home Care by ALTRES Medical, we have a team of qualified home care professionals and offer a wide range of in-home care services, including Senior Care and Companionship. And, if you need help during the holiday rush to look after your aging loved one or could use a break from your full-time caregiving duties, let us help!

Contact us today at (808) 591-4930 for more information!

This article is for general information purposes only and does not constitute medical advice nor is it intended to diagnose health problems. Readers should first consult with their physician or health care provider before acting upon any information in this article.

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