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Signs It Might be Time for Home Care

No one wants to admit that an older member of the ohana can no longer safely care for themselves on their own. However as your loved one ages, it’s important to stay alert of changes in behavior so you can identify when it’s time to introduce a caregiver into his/her home.

To determine whether or not home care services may be necessary, ask yourself if your senior is displaying any of these tell-tale signs:

1. Withdrawing from regular activities

This could mean the senior is uncomfortable driving or having difficulty getting around.

2. The house is unusually dirty

Stacks of laundry on the floor, dishes piling up, or overflowing trash cans mean that the elderly person can no longer manage the “chores” of life. It could also mean that the senior is not feeding or washing themselves properly.

3. Wearing the same outfit multiple days in a row

This is a sign that the senior has a difficult time getting dressed or handling the regular activities of daily living, such as bathing or brushing their teeth.

4. Increased forgetfulness

Forgetfulness can be dangerous for many reasons, but especially if a senior is taking medications. A senior may forget to take an important medication, or forget that he/she already took the pills and overdose.

5. Difficulty walking

If a senior has trouble walking, they are at greater risk to fall or injure themselves. They may also just stop walking altogether and remain sedentary for too long.

Realizing that your loved one is getting old and needs extra care can be difficult, however incorporating a qualified home care service into your senior’s life will take the stress of the situation right off your shoulders.

To learn more about Home Care by ALTRES Medical’s home care services and how we can help take care of your loved one, give us a call at 591-4930.

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