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The Benefits of Aging at Home

Here at Home Care by ALTRES Medical, we believe that that every person deserves to spend their senior years in the comfort of their own home. But it’s more than just a nice idea; living at home as you age, rather than in a nursing home or assisted living facility, can actually contribute to your senior’s overall quality of life. There are many benefits of aging at home—take a look below for some of the most common.

Familiarity & Comfort

Living at home allows your senior to remain in an environment that is familiar and comforting. They can go to the same grocery store and other familiar places and continue to see their neighbors and nearby friends. And while moving to a senior facility often means parting with many belongings, which can be very upsetting, staying at home allows your senior to be surrounded by their personal items and the memories that come with them.


A senior’s surroundings can have an impact on their mental state. Living at home causes less confusion and distress because the individual is in an environment they are used to. This is especially important for seniors who suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s.


A loss of independence can have serious emotional effects on a person and can be difficult to accept. Of course, as time goes on, most seniors need assistance with everyday tasks, however staying at home helps maintain some sense of independence. For instance, living at home allows the freedom to maintain normal activities and routine while nursing homes and facilities generally keep residents on a strict schedule.

Physical health

Colds, the flu, and other illnesses tend to spread faster when many people live together in a facility. Those who choose to age in place dramatically reduce the chance of catching these illnesses and spreading viruses.

The mental and physical benefits of aging at home cannot be overlooked when deciding whether or not your aging loved one should stay at home. Working with a reputable home care service like Home Care by ALTRES Medical will help make aging at home a possibility.

We provide a variety of home care services that meet your loved one’s wants and needs so they can live comfortably in the place they know and love—their home. Contact us today to learn more by calling (808) 591-4930 or request more information through our Contact Us form.

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