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Tips for Getting the Most out of Home Care Services

There may come a time when a member of your ohana needs more hands-on care than you are able to provide on your own and you need to turn to a home care provider for help. When that happens, make sure you understand how to get the most out of the services that a caregiver provides by keeping these tips in mind:

Find a perfect match – It goes without saying that a caregiver should have all the right skills and qualifications to meet the needs of the senior. However, in order to truly reap the benefits of home care, it’s also important to find someone whose personality, temperament, and attitude is a good fit with both you and your loved one.

Create more free time – You may think of a caregiver as someone who only helps with basic living tasks, such as bathing, feeding, or dressing. But did you know they can also help with household “chores” as well? If you are doing the grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, and/or cooking for your loved one, let your caregiver take care of it for you. Free time should be quality time.

Facilitate good communication – Communication is the key to any good working relationship. Always maintain honest, open communication with your caregiver and Care Manager so that he/she can better understand any issues and therefore provide your loved one with the best possible service. Establishing good communication early on will foster a relationship built on trust and confidence.

Keep it professional – It can be easy to overlook professionalism and begin treating the caregiver as a friend rather than an employee. Unfortunately, this can cause problems down the road, such as making the caregiver feel more entitled to bend rules and cut corners, and jeopardize the care and safety of your loved one. Do be friendly and inviting, but remember that the caregiver is there to work.

As your loved one’s primary caregiver, you know it’s a lot to manage alone, especially if you have a full-time job and/or a family of your own to take care of. No one expects you to do it all and when you use the services of a reputable home care company, like ALTRES Medical, you don’t have to.

At ALTRES Medical, our Care Managers take the time to learn the individual needs of the person needing care. We develop a customized care plan by taking into consideration the preferences, interests, and personality of your loved one, as well as you and your family. Contact us today to find out more about our home care services.

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