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Why You Should Never Feel Guilty About Asking for Caregiver Help

Providing quality care for your aging loved one is a big responsibility to bear, especially if you have a full-time job, are raising a family, or have other roles to take on.

No one expects you to do it all on your own and you certainly don’t have to. It can be hard to know when to ask for help and when you might need to share the responsibility with others. Here are a few reasons why it’s not only okay to enlist the help of a caregiver, but why it might be the best decision for you and your family.

Your health matters.

With all the responsibilities in daily life, it is easy to get caught up putting everyone else’s needs first. It’s natural to want to shoulder the responsibility for something as important as caring for someone you love. However, it’s important to remember that failing to take care of yourself actually hinders your ability to care for anyone else. Very often, caregivers end up sick more often and in need of more immediate attention than the person they were originally caring for due to high amounts of stress. One of the most common reasons for a caregiver burnout is neglecting one’s physical and emotional health.

You can invest in someone knowledgeable.

While it seems that you are capable of providing the best care for your loved ones, there are some situations where seeking a professional is a good idea. For loved ones afflicted with diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia, it can be hard to know how best to respond to their needs. By inviting others who are knowledgeable about the aging process into your caregiving routine, you are ensuring that your ohana is receiving the best care and attention possible.

You can pay more attention to other important things.

By sharing the responsibility of daily caregiving tasks like bathing, housekeeping, or grocery shopping with another caregiver, you can free yourself to spend more quality time with your loved one and immediate family. Any free time that you have should be focused on having fun and enjoying creative activities together.

We know that the care and well-being of your loved one is of the utmost importance. We also understand that it can be difficult to hand off and share this crucial task with someone else.

Here at Home Care by ALTRES Medical, we have highly skilled and trained Caregivers and offer a variety of home care services, including respite care that’s designed specifically to provide relief to the ohana caregiver. Feel free to contact us today at 591-4930 to learn more about our services.

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